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Uncertainty and caution are also natural parts of life that should be regarded, but they do not have to be regarded negatively. Self-confidence allows you to operate from a space of grace, understanding that you are approaching the circumstance with the will to win, whether it be the reward of accomplishing your goal or learning the lesson to make you better equipped for accomplishing your goal. Below are a few tips to help increase your self-confidence and transmute your fear into fuel for action.



          1. Speak kind words to yourself.

                    Find moments throughout your day to say kind words to yourself. Whether out loud or in your heart, remind yourself of the love and respect that you have for YOU. Thank yourself for all that you have done for you and for the ones that you love and admire. Tell yourself how amazing you are. At the start of your day, a simple “I love you” to yourself can go a long way. When is the last time that you told yourself “I love you”?


          2. Celebrate yourself.

                    Small wins build big wins, so celebrate them all. Review the goals that you have accomplished in your life and spend time appreciating them. Take a moment to write them down and reflect upon the experiences. Milestones pave the way to the ultimate destination so be sure not to ignore them. When fear starts to creep in, remember all the moments before when it had no power over your outcome and continue moving in the confidence required to win again (and again, and again!).  


          3. Talk/Write about your fear.

                    When you face your fear with the intention to understand it, it begins to decrease in value. Speaking with someone about your fear creates an opportunity to gain a new perspective and possibly even solutions that you had not considered previously. That same clarity can also be gained on your own by writing about your fear which begins a process of self-reflection. As you explore the feeling and the reasons behind it, it becomes gentler and releases its grip.


Each day is different and brings different circumstances and feelings but it is important to remember to always show up and give our best. Work with your fear to keep it from holding you in a place that is not what you desire. Continue moving toward your goals even if you are afraid. The more you practice controlling the effects that fear has on you, the more control you will have over your fear. Consider fear like a workout for your self-confidence. Every time that you successfully exercise the fear away, your self-confidence grows stronger.





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Fear vs. Self-Confidence

By Alexis Rai | July 2018

There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being afraid of things. It can be easy to allow fear to control a moment of your life but once you learn how to control fear, life becomes easier to understand and manage.


One of fear’s arch-nemesis is genuine self-confidence. When you are genuinely confident in the decisions that you are making, fear feels less uncomfortable and instead, feels like adrenaline or excitement. The same elements of uncertainty and caution may still be present but they no longer feel scary.

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