Serena is the beautiful cover star for Harper's Bazaar UK July 2018 issue. She is no stranger to gracing magazine covers and this one is no exception. Other magazines on her resume include multiple covers for Sports Illustrated and Vogue (which her daughter made history for). Her strength, courage, and her relentless quest for wins radiate through the images. She is a walking billboard for success and hard work.  

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Serena: Synonymous with Success

By Alexis Rai | July 2018

Serena Williams has always been a winner. She continues to amaze the world with her Tennis accomplishments and the accolades to match. Becoming a mother and a wife while maintaining her work ethic has inspired other successful women by busting the myth that women cannot be super successful in their professional lives and their personal lives too.  This week, Serena gave us more proof that the formula for Wonder Woman does actually exist.

Being an iconic tennis star did not stop this mogul from attending fashion school in her younger years. She is putting that education to good use with the debut of her new, independent clothing line titled 'Serena'. The line is made of a range of apparel produced with high-end fabric and empowering details. She introduced her fashion sense to the world over the past few years with multiple collaborations with Nike and collections on HSN.

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Fear vs. Self-Confidence


Fear is a natural part of life. Each of us has different triggers that activate our fear and have all experienced fear in our lives at one point or another. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being afraid of things. It can be easy to allow fear to control a moment of your life but once you learn how to control fear, life becomes easier to understand and manage.


Fear Is Your Friend

June holds the beginning of Summer and the end of the first half of the year. It seems natural to consider our goals, our milestones, and what is necessary to keep us on track to accomplish our goals in the second half of the year and the years to come.  As our lives continue to develop, we are constantly introduced to new territory to navigate. Sometimes, new territory brings new fears but fear doesn't have to be a scary thing. How about considering fear as motivation instead of allowing it to stall you?


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