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Brand & Business Strategy

Partner with Alexis Rai to formulate the perfect brand and business strategy.

Find solutions for your entrepreneurial and personal branding problems to position your services, products, and brand in front of the perfect target clients/customers to attract optimal sales. Together, we'll focus on building easy to use strategies using industry leading research to amplify your brand's strengths, identify it's weaknesses, and create an outstanding plan to create growth and elevate your brand's presence. 

Receive feedback, suggestions, tips, and more about your brand and business strategy, including visual branding, partnerships, and product/service placement.


2 Strategy Planning Calls (30-60 minutes)

Strategy Planning Email Thread

Customized Plans and Documents (Templates, Copywriting, Sample Contracts)

  Branding & Strategy Power Hour  

For one hour, ask Alexis Rai questions about your business, future business, or career strategy and development to get advising and tools for success.

"I believe Alexis Rai is a genius when it comes to business strategy and creativity. She has stepped in as a creative director of my brand and dedicates time and attention to ensure that each project she works on elevates the brand's identity and continues to excite the consumers. Alexis serves as a branding and strategy guru leading her clientele to successful results. I would highly recommend working with her whether your brand or business is new, old, or is in need of change."


- Stevie Boi, CEO of Stevie Boi LLC (SBShades)


Clients & Partners

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