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Imagine feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life.

Peace of mind, thriving career, healthy relationships with others and with yourself...

Imagine having mental and emotional awareness to handle challenges with confidence and courage.

It's possible.

Upgrade your life by upgrading your attitude about yourself and your experiences. Your thoughts, emotions, and words have more power than you've probably been taught and I would like to help you start to unlock that power. 

Enroll in "Design Your Mind" workshop to learn proven techniques and strategies for improving your mindset and living a more empowered life.

For the past 11 years, I have worked on my mindset, learning better ways to deal with things that have troubled me and how to create more of the things that I love. 


After 2 years of witnessing the positive changes in my life as a result to my empowered mindset, I started working with private clients to help them transform their lives by teaching them to become aware of their thoughts and responsible for their mindsets.


It’s been miraculous to watch people empower themselves and improve their lives with the same tools that I use to help me keep my mind and life on the right track.


In 2009, at age 19, I found my proverbial "rock bottom".

  • very angry with my parents

  • denied a loan to afford attending my dream school

  • dropped out of my not-so-dream school

  • ended a bad relationship with a horrible break-up

  • no tangible plan for my future

  • rebel with 1st-world causes

I was going against everything in my life instead of letting it flow.

I allowed these moments to negatively affect my life and started to believe things about myself and the world that were not true AT ALL.

I felt hopeless about my family life, my love life, and my career, and my self-worth.


I had gotten so entangled in everything going on around me that I forgot about my inner peace and my freedom to choose.

Does this sound familiar to you?  


Fast forward to today.

Life has gotten so much better, moment by moment-with my focus, dedication, diligent work, and cooperation. 

Prioritizing my mental and emotional health has resulted in:

  • peace of mind and environment

  • healthy and flourishing family relationships

  • healthy and loving romantic relationship

  • thriving career

  • increased creativity

  • improved decision making skills


Are you interested in learning the strategies and techniques that I use to improve my life? It all starts with the mindset that you're in.

Being empowered and having mental clarity are secret weapons for maximizing personal and professional success in your life.

Enroll in "DESIGN YOUR MIND" workshop today to learn new ways to address your current experience with confidence and positivity. We will work together to create personalized goals, plans, and strategies to improve your mindset in real-time. 


Your mindset is the most valuable thing that you own and you have the power to strengthen it on a daily basis to achieve optimal results in your life.

Enroll in “DESIGN YOUR MIND” today to spend the first 4 weeks of 2019 learning strategies and techniques that break through old limiting beliefs and patterns, helping you gain more control over your life and allowing you to create more peace, confidence, harmony, and prosperity in your everyday experiences.


Workshop includes:

  • Understanding the importance of empowerment

  • Understanding what thoughts and emotions really are and how to control them

  • Goal-setting: why it’s important plus strategies to set and implement goals

  • Templates and Guides with information to help improve your mindset

  • Resources to realign your mind (book recommendations, affirmations, social media accounts to follow, and more)

  • Upgrade for a 1-on-1 session available

(email for availability and pre-screening)

Invest 1 month in your life that will make an increasing positive impact on your lifestyle and those around you. Make a commitment to make self-care a priority.

For a limited time only, January's workshop is available for 60% off!


"Design Your Mind"

Empowerment Mindset Workshop

January 2nd - January 30th

"I've had sessions with Alexis whenever I'm feeling down and she always says something to brighten my day. She's very enlightened and always has a positive outlook on life."

-Kayla Ashlee Bodden, Empowerment Mindset Coaching Client


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