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Empowered Mindset Workshop 

"Design Your Mind"

4 Weeks

Weekly Live Sessions + Resources + More

Footprints on Sand

Empowered Mindset Workshop

"Design Your Mind"

Take your personal growth to the next level.

Choose freedom.  


Start 2019 learning ways to improve your mindset and elevate your lifestyle in all areas. 4 simple life hacks will help you train your mind and emotions to align with your actions and desires.

Over 4 weeks, Alexis Rai will share the techniques that she and her clients have used for the past 11 years, proving the power in upgrading your attitude about yourself and your experiences. 

four simple strategies. one workshop.

you deserve it.

Workshop includes:

  • 4 Weekly Live (30-60 Minutes) Coaching Sessions with Alexis Rai

  • Weekly Personal Email Communication (check-ins and planning)

  • Templates and guides with information to help improve your mindset

  • Resources to realign your mind (book recommendations, affirmations, social media accounts to follow, and more)

  • Connecting with like-minded individuals through emails and live sessions

  • PLUS more!

You'll Learn:

  • The importance of empowerment

  • What thoughts and emotions really are and how to manage them

  • Goal-setting: why it’s important + strategies to set and achieve goals

  • Techniques to focus your mind to attract more desirable experiences in your life

Upgrade for One-on-One Mindset Coaching Available


Personal Development doesn't have to be hard or expensive.



Being empowered and having mental clarity are secret weapons for maximizing personal and professional success.

Imagine feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life.

Peace of mind, thriving career, healthy relationships with others and with yourself...

Imagine having mental and emotional awareness to handle challenges with confidence and courage.

It's possible.

Your mindset is the most valuable thing that you own and you have the power to strengthen it on a daily basis to achieve optimal results in your life.

Break through old limiting beliefs and patterns,  gain more control over your life, create more peace, confidence, harmony, and prosperity in your everyday experiences.


"Over the ten plus years that I've known Alexis, I've witnessed her skills blossom and transform lives for the better. She is just such an amazing, loving, caring, down-to-earth, and outstanding professional. If you want to evolve as an individual and witness yourself obtain goals (regardless of what they may be), Alexis Rai is definitely a valuable piece of the puzzle. In my experience with her, she handled every interaction with care, detail, and support. This combination makes her the perfect motivator and champion."

-Mbalu Fornah-Delo, Empowered Mindset Coaching Client

"I've had sessions with Alexis whenever I'm feeling down and she always says something to brighten my day. She's very enlightened and always has a positive outlook on life."

-Kayla Ashlee, Empowered Mindset Coaching Client

"I would always think that I was the problem. I did not understand the process and order of why and how things happen. With Alexis Rai coaching me, the reassuring daily reminders really help and show how much she cares."


- Jaleesa Pitt, Empowered Mindset Coaching Client

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