Business & Brand

Elevate your business and brand to position it in front of your perfect target clients/customers and attract optimal sales. Together, we focus on building attractive, easy to use digital elements and strategies using industry leading research and resources to amplify your brand's strengths, identify it's weaknesses, and create an outstanding presence and exposure to encourage growth.  

Schedule an appointment with Alexis Rai to discuss optimal ways to develop and improve your business and brand strategy. For 60 minutes, review your existing plan, share your goals, learn simple steps that will put you in a better direction, and ask specific questions to help guide your ideas and results. Get the feedback, tools, and expert knowledge required to build a sustainable and scalable business and brand.

We will discuss components such as:


Visual Branding

Logo Design | Web Design | Content Design

Brand Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing | Partnerships & Product Placement

Business Systems, Operations, & Automation


"I believe Alexis Rai is a genius when it comes to business strategy and creativity. She has stepped in as a creative director of my brand and dedicates time and attention to ensure that each project she works on elevates the brand's identity and continues to excite the consumers. Alexis serves as a branding and strategy guru leading her clientele to successful results. I would highly recommend working with her whether your brand or business is new, old, or is in need of change."


- Stevie Boi, CEO of Stevie Boi LLC (SBShades)


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